SEO Investment Academy

Get a leg up on recruiting for private equity, hedge funds, credit, real estate, infrastructure, and other buyside roles with the SEO Investment Academy!

  • What is the purpose of Investment Academy?

    The Investment Academy prepares participants with the early skills and the investing mindset needed to launch a career in alternative investments.

  • Who qualifies for Investment Academy?

    For more information on our criteria, please visit our Apply Now page.

  • I'm working on the buy-side or have a full-time offer for a buy-side role already, but I'm interested in a role with one of your partner firms instead. Can I apply?

    SEO Investment Academy is designed to prepare individuals who are currently not on the buy-side and help them begin their transition to a buy-side role. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to support candidates already on the buy-side who want to move to other buy-side roles. If you are already on the buy-side, you are not eligible to apply for Investment Academy, but we encourage you to look at some of our other programs.

  • What is the application timeline?

    Applications to Investment Academy are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

  • When and where are Investment Academy activities held?

    The SEO Investment Academy events are primarily virtual events taking place throughout the fall and the spring. There will be fewer activities over the winter and over the summer. Events are typically scheduled outside of working hours to not disrupt work obligations.

  • Is an application to the Investment Academy the same as an application to the Alternative Investments Fellowship Program (AIFP), Hedge Fund Academy, or Credit Academy?

    Investment Academy is a separate program from the Alternative Investments Fellowship Program (AIFP), Hedge Fund Academy, and Credit Academy. An application to Investment Academy is not an application to any of our other programs. To learn more about our AIFP and its application criteria, visit our AIFP page. To learn more about our Hedge Fund Academy and its application criteria, visit our Hedge Fund Academy page. To learn more about our Credit Academy and its application criteria, visit our Credit Academy page.

  • Does Investment Academy guarantee internships, summer analyst positions, or job offers?

    Our Investment Academy is purely an educational program. SEO cannot promise or guarantee full-time employment. In addition, we’re unable to help search for or secure internship or summer analyst positions. If you are a college freshman, sophomore, or junior looking for summer internship opportunities, visit SEO Career.