Introducing SEO Alternative Investments’ Credit Academy

The SEO Credit Academy is designed to prepare professionals to secure credit investment roles.   

SEO has a long track record of success in closing opportunity gaps in the alternatives space, and this program initiative builds on that in the credit space.

How it works: 

The SEO Credit Academy will host a series of events to help you gain the understanding and preparation needed to successfully compete for credit investment roles. We provide connections and networking opportunities with many of the largest credit funds. One-on-one coaching and mentorship are also available for committed candidates.

Participant Criteria: 

All who meet the following criteria are welcome to apply:    

  • Relevant Professional Experience
    • Investment Banking (Coverage, M&A, Restructuring)
    • Credit Capital Markets (Leveraged Finance, DCM)
    • Credit Trading and Research
  • Strong Academic Record
    • Undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.3/4.0 for Business, Economics and Finance majors

Are you ready to gain an in-depth understanding of the competencies and knowledge required to be successful in a credit investing role?