Introducing SEO Alternative Investments’ Alpha Academy

The SEO Alternative Investments Alpha Academy is designed to prepare professionals, including those who identify as Black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Native American, in the hedge fund industry.   

SEO has a long track record of success in closing opportunity gaps in the alternatives space and this program continues to build on that in the hedge fund space.

How it works: 

The Alternative Investments Alpha Academy will host a series of events to help you gain the understanding and preparation you need to successfully compete for investment roles. One-on-one coaching and mentorship are also available for candidates interviewing for hedge fund roles.

Participant Criteria: 

All who meet the following criteria are welcome to apply:    

  • Relevant professional experience
    • Investment banking
    • Buyside experience (private equity, long-only, hedge fund, venture capital)
    • Sellside research
    • Management consulting
    • Credit trading
  • Open to SEO alumni and non-alumni
  • Open to MBA and non-MBA candidates

Are you ready to gain an in-depth understanding of the competencies and knowledge needed to be successful in the hedge fund industry?

Founding support provided by Select Equity Group, L.P.