Changing the face of
Alternative Investments

SEO Alternative Investments is an industry-wide program that provides education, exposure, training, and mentorship opportunities in the alternative investments sector to high-achieving professionals, including those who identify as Black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Native American.

Since 2009, we’ve helped hundreds of professionals achieve their career goals by connecting them with industry leaders who are passionate about creating change and increasing opportunities for in the sector. 

Investment Academy

Investment Academy is SEO Alternative Investment’s umbrella program designed to introduce candidates to the broad world of alternative investments. Through year-round programming and engagement, Investment Academy aims to equip candidates with the foundational knowledge necessary to launch a career on the buyside.

Alternative Investments Fellowship Program (AIFP) 

If you’re a first-, second-, or third-year investment banking analyst or management consultant, we help you compete for highly-coveted, buyside roles in private equity, growth, real estate, infrastructure, and more.

Alpha Academy

The SEO Alpha Academy is designed for individuals who are specifically pursuing investment roles in the hedge fund industry. The program aims to develop candidates’ investor mindset more fully, which is critical for a successful hedge fund career. Our Alpha Academy also aims to connect candidates intensively preparing for a hedge fund career with hiring partners.

Credit Academy

The SEO Credit Academy is designed to prepare professionals to secure credit investment roles. SEO has a long track record of success in closing opportunity gaps in the alternatives space, and this program continues to build on that in the credit space.

Annual Alternative Investments Conference (AICON)

Our preeminent conference focuses on emerging trends in private equity, hedge funds, venture, and real estate. In 2023, we welcomed 650+ attendees, heard from 90+ speakers, and arranged 100+ one-on-one LP:GP meetings. 

Our Partners 

SEO Alternative Investments’ partners are critical for driving industry change. With the support of 70+ leading private equity firms, SEO educates, coaches, and mentors highly-educated Fellows, including those who identify as Black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Native American, in the alternative investments sector, to successfully compete for full-time roles at top industry firms.