Law Firm Registration

Law Firm Registration

  • Career Day Registration

  • The 2020 SEO Law Career Day will take place on Saturday, November 14, 2020 via Hopin, an online, virtual event platform. Our Virtual Career Day, powered by Hopin, will include panels, workshops, and other opportunities for our students to connect with you! This year, we are excited to open the invitation to our 2L alumni, current 1L Fellows, and non-SEO 1L & 2L students from underrepresented backgrounds.

    If you would like to propose Panelists or Interview Coaches for the event, we request that the form be submitted by Friday, October 23rd. We will reach out separately to confirm if your Panelists and/or Interview Coaches have been selected for the program; decisions will be made on a rolling basis.

    If your firm only plans to participate in Networking and/or the Career Fair, we request that the form be submitted by Friday, October 30th.
  • Career Day Opportunities

    Please indicate which Career Day opportunities your firm would like to participate in:
    Interview coaches will work with groups of 4-6 students to hone their interview skills. Interview Coaches will conduct four (4) rounds of 45-minute sessions each.
    Students will be randomly matched with Former Summer Associates & Attorneys and have up to 10 minutes with each connection to learn more about their law firm experiences. Based on your representatives' availabilities, firms do not have to participate in the entire Networking portion.
  • Career Fair Booth

    Please complete this section if you selected "Yes" to participate in the Career Fair. This information is necessary to complete your Career Fair registration.
  • The name that you would like us to use for attendees to identify your booth.
  • The email where all emails from attendees who click the Register Interest button will be delivered (we recommend using a general e-mail address).
  • Any short text about your firm, e.g., a firm motto, key message, or other welcome message to the attendees; this headline will go beneath the Sponsor Name. (70 character limit)
  • Any text about your firm description or history. (700 character limit)
  • This image will be the background for your booth and will appear in the Registration & Expo pages. It can be a photo of your office, geographical location, or other branded design that shows attendees who you are. The recommended size is 1500 x 750 px (2:1 aspect ratio); the minimum size is 1000 x 500 px.
  • The logo will be placed in the upper left-hand corner on top of the Sponsor Banner and will appear in the Registration & Expo pages. The recommended size is 1000 x 400 px; the minimum size is 500 x 200 px.
  • Please provide any pre-recorded videos that you would like shown throughout the day. Pre-recorded videos will be made available for attendees to view during breaks and can also be used during the Career Fair in place of a live video chat.
    To provide a video, please provide a URL to the video via one of the following content providers: Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia. Hopin cannot host videos from other platforms.
  • If you would like to inform attendees of specific representatives that will be attending your booth during specified timeframes (i.e., members of the Hiring Committee) and/or if you will plan to speak on certain topics or conduct Fireside Chats at specific times, you can use this space to provide us with the schedule of your "live demonstrations" so that we can make sure attendees are informed.

    Additionally, if you would like students to be able to sign up for one-on-one “Coffee Chats” with you or other representatives from your firm (outside of the booth area), please let us know the time slots & time intervals (i.e., 15 minutes) that you would like to make available, along with the name(s) of the individuals who will conduct the Coffee Chats so that we can prepare the relevant materials (via Google Doc) for attendees to use to sign up. Coffee Chats can be conducted until the platform closes at 8:30pm ET.