Our Curriculum

SEO Scholars offers a comprehensive curriculum focused on Math and English, aimed at helping students prepare for academic and social success. Classes include:

Advisory: Developing innovative leaders.

  • Scholars challenge and inform what they believe about the world.
  • Affirm their identities while sharpening their ability to analyze how oppressive systems operate to deny power.
  • Identify how to use their strengths to create a more just and equitable society in ways that are meaningful to them.

ELA: Preparing Scholars for college and beyond by becoming critical thinkers, readers, writers, speakers, and listeners.

  • Scholars are supported as thought-leaders in their communities and society as a whole.
  • Learn foundational skills of ELA: reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary, in preparation for the SAT.
  • Learn Common Core Standards for ELA Grades 9-11.

Math: Preparing students for college math, the SAT, developing a positive math identity, and engaging in productive math discussions.

Lessons are designed to build students’ understanding of key high school math competencies and are built on three core beliefs:

  1. All students can succeed at math and success at math has social justice implications.
    1. Tasks are designed with multiple entry-points
    2. Resources are provided for students needing additional support
    3. Instruction incorporates problem-solving strategies
  2. Students learn best when they’re engaged with their peers in reasoning, tinkering, articulating their thoughts, and justifying their conclusion.
    1. Courses are built on student-centered learning and group work
    2. Instruction creates spaces for students to engage with each other
  3. Mistakes should be celebrated as opportunities for growth.
    1. Learning from mistakes is a powerful tool for mathematical growth
    2. Students analyze errors, reflect on the work of their peers, and revise their work based on learning