We Believe That

High School: New York City

Nicole McCauley

Director – Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives

Sahib Singh

Associate Director, Instructional Design and Technology

Michael Thoms

Associate Director, STEM Education and Academic Technology

Chloe Blaise

Assistant Director, College Access

Stephanie May Lott

Assistant Director, Operations

Steven Martin

Assistant Director, Recruitment and Admissions

Samantha Moreno

Assistant Director, 11th Grade

Amber Villacrusis

Assistant Director, 10th Grade

Allison Wilner

Academic Program Design Lead

Kelly Leavitt

Senior Manager, Curriculum and Instruction

Chelsea Williams

Senior Manager, External Partnerships

Danapolie Brice

Recruitment Manager

Alli Casey

Manager of Mentoring Programs

Kara Daniels

Program Manager, 12th Grade

Mara Dorta

Program Manager, 11th Grade

Armando Figueroa

Program Manager, 11th Grade

Tatiana Garcia

Program Manager, Recruitment and Admissions

Willy Golden

Program Manager, 10th Grade

Kenny Jean

Program Manager, 12th Grade

Tashana Lewis

Program Manager, Recruitment & Admissions

Darrius Moore

Program Manager, 10th Grade

Kathy Pauletti

Manager of STEM Curriculum

Danielle Powers

Operations Manager

Rocío Sanchez

Program Manager, 10th Grade

Howard Sellers

Program Manager, Recruitment and Admissions

Kimberly Torres

Program Manager, 12th Grade

Dwayne Wellington

Manager of Curriculum & Instruction

Micah Wood

Manager of Data and Evaluation

Hannibal Banks

Senior Operations Coordinator

Macalla Duffy

Senior Program Coordinator, 10th Grade

Roma Aryal

Data Coordinator

Malina Dana

Program Coordinator, 12th Grade

Gabriella Gomez

Operations Coordinator

Onatah Jeffers Peña

Instructional Operations Coordinator

Le'Nae Jenkins

Program Coordinator, 11th Grade

Kwada Bodkin

10th Grade AmeriCorps VISTA Program Assistant

Arianna Burnham

11th Grade AmeriCorps VISTA Program Assistant

Denicia Niles

Admissions Assistant

Juan Osorio

11th Grade Program Assistant for External Partnerships

Sally Zieper

Office Operations Associate

High School: San Francisco

Emma Brodeur

Associate Director, Curriculum and Instruction

Miranda Herrera

Associate Director, College Admissions

Jacqueline Smith

Associate Director of Development

Tess Fabeck

Development Manager

Amy Anderson

Senior Program Manager

Briana Chazaro

12th Grade Program Manager

Jose Carrasco

Outreach and 10th Grade Program Manager

Cynthia Solís Ramírez

9th Grade Recruitment and Program Manager

Taylor Kee

Program Operations Coordinator

Brianna Velasco

College Admissions, AmeriCorps VISTA

Brian Wu

Development & Marketing Assistant, AmeriCorps VISTA


Veronica (Vica) Recinos

Director, Curriculum & Career

Cristina Velez

Director College Persistence & Advising

Florence (Flo) Capinding

Associate Director, Business Manager

Nathalia Theogene

Associate Director, College Persistence & Advising

Jonathan Adonailo

Operations Manager

Leslyn Moore-Delesline

Internships and Partnerships Manager

Anna Myavec

College Persistence Manager

Sarah Ross

College Persistence Manager

Amanda Zayas

College Persistence Manager

Nikiah Campbell

Senior College Persistence Advisor

Emily Irwin

College Persistence Advisor

Amanda LaSalle

College Persistence Advisor

Thiomarie (Thio) Matta

College Persistence Advisor

Leslie Mejia

College Persistence Advisor

Destiny Moore

College Persistence Advisor

Kristen Mulvena

College Persistence Advisor

Zakiya Paul

College Persistence Advisor

Juliana (Juju) Wong

College Persistence Advisor

Shira Olson

College Persistence Advisor

Jacob Campbell

Career Readiness Specialist

Rosaisha Ozoria

Program Assistant

Andreia Wardlaw

Career Assistant