Law Firm FAQ

Join Us on November 14, 2020

We invite you to explore the world of opportunities through personalized connections.

The 2020 SEO Law Career Day will take place via Hopin, an online, virtual event platform, from 10:00am-8:30pm ET. Our Virtual Career Day will include an assortment of panels, workshops, and other opportunities to help you connect with current law students.

One event. Infinite opportunities.

  • Who is eligible to attend SEO Law Career Day?

    We will be extending invitations to second-year law student alumni of the SEO Law Fellowship Program, our current first-year SEO Law Fellows, as well as to diverse affinity groups at law schools across the country.

  • Who is eligible to participate as a speaker or exhibitor at the Career Day?

    We invite any of our current SEO Law partner organizations to send representatives to our Career Day! You can participate in as many (or few) programs as you’d like.

  • What platform are you using to host the SEO Law Career Day?

    We are using which supports a main stage, expo booths, 1:1 networking sessions, and panel sessions. As an exhibitor, you’ll be able to provide information to our students via pre-recorded video, livestream discussions with a group of up to 10 attendees, chat with attendees, and/or conduct one-on-one “Coffee Chats” via video. You can also share downloadable information or website links with students.

  • Wow! That sounds amazing. How can my law firm participate in the Career Day?

    We’re excited to hear you’re interested in participating in our first virtual Career Day! Here are some ways you can participate:

    • Propose a Speaker (11:45am-2:30pm ET): We invite you to submit proposals for panelists to serve on our panels to discuss how applicants can best prepare for the recruiting and interview process. We will be considering proposals for panelists on a first-come, first-serve basis. A list of panels is included in the registration form here.
    • Networking Room (2:30-7:00pm ET): Suggest a few former Summer Associates or Attorneys to share their experience at your firm! Your representatives will be randomly matched to students in the Networking area. Participants can join for as little or as long as they’d like. Think of this area as a room where attendees can come in-and-out of as they move around the conference!
    • Career Fair (3:00-7:00pm ET): Here, you can share information about your firm through pre-recorded videos, live video discussions, and chat. You can even create a schedule of “live demonstrations”, including fireside chats or presentations. Representatives can also conduct live discussions with up to 10 videos on-screen. Alternatively, feel free to share a pre-recorded video for students to view at their own leisure while you answer their questions via the chat function.
    • “Coffee chats” (3:00-8:30pm ET): You have the option to invite attendees to conduct one-on-one “Coffee Chats”. We can help you create a sign-up sheet for attendees to register for individual “coffee chats” with you or another representative, or you can feel free to reach out to attendees directly!
    • Create Your Own Session (7:00-8:30pm ET): If you’d like the conversations to continue after the Career Fair, you have the option of creating your own session to invite students to continue to learn more about you and your firm in a group setting. We will close the platform at 8:30pm ET but, until then, please feel free to continue to use this opportunity to connect with our students!
  • What does a booth during the Career Fair look like?

    You have a lot of flexibility in creating your booth!  Your booth will include branded content, website & Twitter links, and a “Register Interest” button so you can keep in touch with interested students. During the Career Fair, you can choose to include a pre-recorded video or representatives on live camera. As the organizer, SEO Law will create the booths on behalf of your firm, utilizing any information you wish to provide to our students. Here are options to customize your booth: 

    • Pre-recorded videos: You might consider having a pre-recorded video for students to view prior to the Career Fair or even during a portion of, or throughout, the Career Fair.
    • Live Video: Instead of a pre-recorded video, you might choose to conduct live video discussion with up to 10 attendees who are visiting your booth at any given time (this option is most similar to a “live” Career Fair). Students who visit the booth while a live discussion is occurring can listen into the discussion and participate via chat. You can also use the Live Video function to conduct Fireside Chats or Presentations throughout the Career Fair.
    • Chat: Whether you decide to use a pre-recorded video or live video discussion during the Career Fair, you and/or other firm representatives can engage with attendees via the chatbox!
    • Call to Action: We will include a customized button for attendees to indicate their interest in your firm.
    • Documents: Links to websites and downloadable material can be placed in a pinned message that appears at the top of the Chat box for students to view when they arrive to your booth.

    You can view this quick video to learn how to navigate the booth area.

  • Got it! We’d love to have a booth during the Career Fair. What do you need from us in order to create our booth?

    We’re glad to hear you’ll be providing a booth at the Career Fair! To move forward, here is the information we’ll need from you:

    • Sponsor Name: The name that you would like us to use for attendees to identify your booth.
    • Sponsor Email: The email where all emails from attendees who click the Register Interest button will be delivered.
    • Sponsor Headline: Any short text about your firm, e.g., a firm motto, key message, or other welcome message to the attendees; this headline will go beneath the Sponsor Name.
    • Sponsor About: A description or history of your firm.
    • Sponsor Banner: This image will be the background for your booth and will appear in the Registration & Expo pages. It can be a photo of your office, geographical location, or other branded design that shows attendees who you are.
    • Sponsor Logo: The logo will be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the Sponsor Banner and will appear in the Registration & Expo pages.
    • Pre-Recorded Video (optional): Any videos of your firm that you would like shown throughout the day.
    • Schedule of Events or “Coffee Chat” Registration (optional): If you plan to include a specific schedule of events for your booth (i.e., if there will be specific representatives and/or topics that you will speak about at certain times throughout the Career Fair) or if you would like to offer individual “Coffee Chat” registration for your attendees, please let us know so that we can prepare the relevant materials for your booth.
    • Documents (optional): If you would like to provide links to brochures, pamphlets, websites, and/or other downloadable material, we will make sure they are made available to students visiting your booth!
  • Will I receive training in-advance of the Career Day?

    Yes! We will conduct live trainings with all exhibitors and speakers before the event to ensure you are comfortable with the platform and can navigate it with ease.

  • Can exhibitors sit in on the general sessions?

    Yes! Please feel free to sit in on any sessions during the Career Day.

  • Can we send swag to participants?

    Yes, absolutely! Participating law firms will receive the mailing address & e-mail addresses for participating students. Law firms can use this opportunity to send hard-copy welcome letters, promotional marketing materials, or other swag to students. Firms can also send electronic outreach or e-swag, such as gift cards, discounts, or special offers for other products or services.

  • I still have questions!

    If you have any questions, please reach out to Maria Navarro at