Summer Programs

SEO’s Summer Enrichment Programs are two- to eight-week opportunities offered to Scholars the summer between their junior and senior year. The goals of these programs are to challenge and inspire our Scholars, resulting in a transformative experience that can best set them up for success in college and beyond.

Travel Programs

For those students who love immersing themselves in new cultures, and aren’t afraid to be pushed outside of their comfort zone. Through various travel partners specializing in experiential programs abroad for high school students, Scholars will get the chance to travel to a variety of locations around the world and choose one of three areas of focus: community service, cultural exchange, and language studies.

Examples include: AFS-USA, CIEE, EILExplore, Student Diplomacy Corps

Academic Programs

Being prepared for the academic challenges in college can be tough. Pre-college programs are meant to help Scholars get over the anxieties they may have built when it comes to the adjustments they’ll have to face in college – ranging from social to academic. These programs offer a variety of challenging college courses under the tutelage of college professors while allowing students to live on-campus in college dorms with other high school students from around the country.

Examples include: Skidmore College, Washington University in St. Louis, Franklin and Marshall, University of Maryland

Experiential Programs

From arts to technology to nature exploration, experiential programs offer the chance for students to learn in a non-traditional setting, and to focus on a subject that is not always offered in NYC public high schools. They are also great opportunities for students who want to travel, but are not ready to leave the country – most take place out of NYC and some Scholars have even traveled as far as Alaska.

Examples include: All Star Code, Interlochen, NOLS, American Prairie Reserve


If Scholars want the opportunity to work in a profession that they are passionate about and gain firsthand experience of what the world beyond college is like, then they should consider registering for one of our professional internships. Scholars spend the summer in NYC delving deeper into a career that they’re passionate about in diverse fields such as law, medicine, business and education. They’ll gain experience as a young working professional, practice essential college-readiness skills, and gain a network for applying to jobs in their desired fields in the future.

Examples include: Thurgood Marshall, SHIP, Go Project