SEO Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month

SEO is proud to recognize Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, during which we celebrate and pay tribute to the millions of AAPI community members who have enriched America’s history and are an essential part of its current and future success.

For generations, AAPI communities have played an instrumental role in building our country, while also adding to the vibrant tapestry of America through diversity of cultures, languages, and religions. Despite their accomplishments, the contributions of AAPI individuals and communities have too often gone unnoticed and unacknowledged. We cannot overstate the resilience and courage of these communities in the face of centuries of exclusion, discrimination, and xenophobia. We must all commit to the struggle for AAPI equity so that the promise of America is available to everyone.

We also recognize this has been a particularly challenging year for so many in the AAPI community, as they have struggled with frequent and horrific acts of racism, hatred, and violence, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. SEO stands in solidarity with the AAPI community, including all our participants, alumni, friends, and colleagues.

Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders make our country stronger. We encourage you to spend time this month learning about and celebrating the history of these communities so that we can elevate their stories and their voices.

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