National Mentoring Month – Announcing SEO Protégé

You probably already know that January is National Mentoring Month, which is incredibly meaningful to SEO. Mentoring is at the heart of our work and permeates each of our programs. We’re so grateful to all of the mentors we have here at SEO, but today, we’re thanking one group in particular for joining us in closing the opportunity gap.

Valentina O., SEO Protégé

Last month, we had the honor of welcoming our first-ever cohort of SEO Protégés. SEO Protégé is the newest pillar of our Leadership Institute, designed to go further than traditional mentoring programs. The initiative pairs ambitious SEO alumni embarking on their careers with senior-level, high-caliber Patrons to create transformative relationships at critical points in their lives.

“[My SEO Patron] Himayani is great! She is extremely humble and intelligent. We connect so much based on our similar backgrounds, work, and perspectives. Our goal is to truly begin establishing a stronger relationship by learning more about each other. I would like to thank Himayani for her commitment to being my Patron and I look forward to having a life-long relationship with her!” – Valentina O., SEO Protégé

Gozor O., SEO Protégé

Why Patron? Because a patron is someone who provides support to an individual or an organization. This is about more than advice; it’s about cultivating relationships beyond the surface, providing a sounding board and a consistent presence, and being a trusted confidant who can help their Protégé navigate their world. It’s about meaningful connections, access to critical networks, and vital support during career launch.

“What I’ve enjoyed most about my match is building a genuine connection with my Patron and slowly finding out the numerous similarities we share. I am currently working on switching my career paths from a finance role to a more tech/strategy-oriented one. My Patron has been very supportive and helpful during the process. I would like to thank Shegun for his time, honesty, and guidance. He has given me the courage to ask tough questions and constantly strive for the best.” – Gozor O., SEO Protégé

Thank you, SEO mentors and Patrons. We could not do the work we do without you!