The Societal Change We Envision Every Day at SEO

Dear Friends of SEO,

It is imperative – amid so many demands on our collective attention – to diligently sustain the recent dialogue and action around race and inequality that can hopefully bring America closer to truly being the land of opportunity for all. To that end, the SEO team and I are pleased to share with you the underlying vision that connects our everyday work to the broader societal change we seek to bring about.

To create a more equitable society, people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds and marginalized or disadvantaged communities should be proportionately represented at every level, including the uppermost strata where decisions are made that affect the welfare of all people.

SEO’s role along the path to that goal involves these key elements:


Potential Meets Opportunity

SEO directly supports motivated young people from historically underserved and underrepresented groups, with a special focus on those who will benefit most from our intervention, informed by data. Indeed, human potential is rigorously propelled through SEO Scholars, SEO Career, SEO Law, and SEO Alternative Investments.






Closing the Gaps

Highly effective program models continually refined over decades of experience lead to results. We are a bridge across the educational and career opportunity gaps our participants face — enabling them to meet and exceed existing standards for success in a wide variety of fields. Thousands of SEO graduates also generate a multiplier effect, as they transfer knowledge and inspiration to countless peers and others in their communities.





Attaining Capital and Influence

Over time, SEO participants gain educational, social, and economic capital. This builds their capacity to personally invest resources and talent in their families and communities and earn positions of influence and power.






“The Room Where It Happens”

SEO alumni go on to bring their unique perspectives to the decision-making rooms in all spheres of society, opening doors and giving voice to communities with newfound representation. An SEO graduate who ascends to the board of a hospital or university, for example, can change lives at a large scale by influencing institutional priorities, values, and initiatives that expand access, equity, and opportunity.




We thank you, as always, for supporting our mission.

Together, we are making a difference.


William A. Goodloe
President & CEO