5 Key Learnings From the SEO Career Summit: Jennifer Arias

via SEO Career

The SEO Career Summit is SEO’s signature event where students are able to brush up on technical skills needed for their the internship, hear from industry leaders and network with their peers. The 2021 Summit will be held virtually from May 22-June 4. As we gear up for this year’s Summit, we reached out to our 2020 interns to hear about their 5 key learnings from the Summit.

This next post features 2020 Success intern, Jennifer Arias. Jennifer was a 2020 Private Wealth Management intern at Goldman Sachs, she received a full-time offer and will return in 2021 as a Financial Analyst. Check out what she has to say:

What are 5 key learnings from the Summit? 

    1. I learned valuable life lessons in the workplace, including the power of being yourself, not being afraid to ask questions, and how to embrace adversity.
    2. I gained the most important tips for success: faith, preparation, and performance, as well as remembering not to lose your passion, purpose, vision, and commitment.
    3. I appreciated being surrounded by 400+ highly dedicated and hardworking students who were all working towards a common goal of securing a full-time role.
    4. I am grateful for such an eye-opening and incredible experience to learn from top business professionals in the industry, such as Henry Kravis, Ray McGuire, Carla Harris, and Jamie Dimon.
    5. I realized the importance of giving back to the SEO community and how to become a mentor and ambassador for future SEO participants and leaders.

Advice to the incoming class:

  1. Always do your best and work hard on every task, activity, etc. Remember that in this industry, anything below 100% is unsatisfactory.
  2. Find a way to stand out, whether that be by participating often, going the extra mile on a project, asking thoughtful questions, networking around the office, or sending great thank-you emails.
  3. Be mindful of the first impression you want to make on someone, as you only have one chance at it.
  4. Learn how to take constructive feedback. You want to simply listen, take a step back and realize your mistake after the conversation with your manager, and then act on the feedback by making improvements and not making the same mistake twice.

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