SEO Scholar, Tiffani T., Calls in to “Ask the Mayor” on WNYC

via Teens Take Charge

From her high school, Teens Take Charge direct action team leader Tiffani T. (pictured above) called in to Brian Lehrer’s “Ask the Mayor” segment on WNYC. Here’s what she asked Mayor de Blasio:

“You recently had a meeting with educators in South Carolina to offer advice about their school system. However, New York City schools remain some of the most segregated and unequal in the nation. And we support and have been advocating for a Top 7% plan for specialized high schools even before you did, but we care more about integrating the other 500 high schools in the city that still remain deeply segregated — and we have a plan to do so. Since you have time to meet with people in South Carolina, will you meet with us, too?”

In the ensuing 5-minute exchange, Mayor de Blasio’s tone shifted from irritation to admiration, but he stopped short of committing to a meeting. We posted the audio on the home page of our website and hope you will listen.

This will not be the last time Mayor de Blasio hears from Teens Take Charge this spring. Tiffani and the other teen leaders are working overtime on our Enrollment Equity Campaign to integrate New York City high schools and won’t rest until we win.