Reclaiming time: steps to support self-care and productivity

by Valerie Gist-Cooper, Career Development Advisor

This year was wrapped in great uncertainty! We are living through a pandemic and under an enormous amount of pressure to stay productive. As we approach the close of this unprecedented year it is important to effectively manage our time to support self-care and productivity. 

Consider taking a wellness day to put you in a better mental space and incorporate some of the following activities to support self-care:  

  1. Get a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate, to support good health and the ability to be your best each day. 
  2. Meditate daily and focus on gratitude. 
  3. Stay connected with people that matter to you.
  4. If you are into fitness try working out at home and/or do virtual workouts with friends.  
  5. Take a walk to get some fresh air and absorb natural vitamin D to help maintain a strong immune system.  
  6. Focus on things that foster good feelings and positivity. 
  7. Relax and simply do nothing. 

Do you feel like you are stretched too thin, and barely keeping up? Establish reasonable boundaries around time spent on tasks to help maintain a more balanced day, support productivity, and mitigate burn out.

Staying Productive: 

  1. Make a plan! Highlighting what to do and when to do it will help maintain your productivity.  
  2. Have an organized schedule to help keep you from underworking or overworking, both can make you less productive.  
  3. Given we are working in a state of “blur days”, schedule your tasks beforehand. This can help you work more effectively and meet deadlines. 
  4. Stay connected by participating in virtual development events. 
  5. Take needed breaks to help your body revitalize itself to work efficiently. 
  6. Filter distractions by browsing through social media feeds after work hours, as these distractions can minimize productivity.  

Wishing each of you a safe, healthy and happy Holiday Season!