Ahmed Hassan: From Mississippi to Morgan Stanley with SEO Career

When you meet Ahmed Hassan, his drive is noticeable from the start. He describes himself as an entrepreneur and a fiery self-starter, and as an active and engaged participant with SEO Career, we wholeheartedly agree with his self-assessment.

Ahmed was born and raised in the small town of Ridgeland, Mississippi. Throughout his childhood, Ahmed continuously pushed himself to go outside of his comfort zone and seize every opportunity to learn and grow. His hometown provided him the opportunity to immerse himself in different cultures and interact with individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds. With parents working in technology and healthcare, Ahmed developed a passion for biology and computer science.

“Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to study engineering in college. Being born close to the turn of the century, I was exposed to the growth of technology and its impact on society. Realizing this, I knew that I wanted to work in technology and provide positive value to the lives of countless people” Ahmed said.

For Ahmed, college presented the opportunity to leave his hometown, and in 2016, Ahmed left for Washington University in St. Louis, pursuing a degree in Systems Engineering. It was there that he gained a multitude of relationships and clarity on his career trajectory. With the goal of securing a summer internship and combining his interests in business development and technology, Ahmed applied to SEO Career in his Sophomore year. He was immediately attracted to SEO’s mission to close the opportunity gap and provide resources to underrepresented, college students of color, preparing them to excel in highly coveted internships around the nation.

Through SEO Career, Ahmed received coaching and intensive interview preparation. With his SEO Coach, Ahmed participated in mock interviews and one-on-one coaching calls through the interview process, which ultimately led to him securing a 2019 Summer Internship as a Technology Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley.

“As I committed more time to SEO, I realized the immense number of opportunities the SEO team made available to me. Prior to starting my internship at Morgan Stanley, I attended the Career Summit, which was an invaluable opportunity to further prepare me, all before my first day of the internship. I was able to interact with influential and inspiring individuals within the finance industry, and it was at the Summit that I found a peer-based community that I would have been completely unaware of if I didn’t join SEO” said Ahmed.

Upon the conclusion of his internship, Morgan Stanley offered Ahmed a full-time position as a Technology Analyst. And all of this happened before he even graduated from college.

“With the help of the SEO Career program and staff, I was able to stand out and leave a positive impression during my time at Morgan Stanley. During my SEO training, I was provided with educational material that allowed me to better perform my tasks and responsibilities” he said. Ahmed added that “the network of SEO alums has provided me the opportunity to meet with various people that have shaped my career and my aspirations.”

SEO Career is the nation’s premier pre-professional development program for underrepresented students. In addition to interview preparation, the program provides career advisement, intensive technical training, and access to an alumni network of 7,000+ industry leaders. SEO Career Interns receive additional mentorship and advice throughout their summers with SEO. Eighty percent of SEO Career Interns receive fulltime job offers from partner corporations before graduating from college.

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