SEO’s Talent Opportunity Center

Our Talent Opportunity Center was created to address the specific needs and resource constraints of middle-market alternative asset managers that seek to increase the diversity of their investment teams. The Talent Opportunity Center connects firms with more than 2,600 Black, Latinx, and Native American investment banking and asset management professionals, including 1,200 with one to five years’ experience, presently working at Wall Street’s leading investment banking firms and seeking buy-side roles.

As a partner of SEO’s Talent Opportunity Center, you’ll get priority access to a pool of vetted and coveted alternative investments professionals across all levels. SEO partners are leaders in creating opportunities for young professionals in sectors where our participants have been historically excluded. You’re not simply making a direct investment in the next generation of leaders; you’re getting access to the qualified, skilled, and experienced talent that you need. 

A Solution for Connecting Talent to Opportunity 

Since 2009, SEO Alternative Investments has worked to fill the talent gap in the industry through education, access, and training. Our work in promoting diversity in the alternative investments industry is supported by our 50+ member Limited Partner Advisory Council (LPAC), which includes public pension plans, foundations, university endowments, and family offices. Our LPAC represents more than $1 trillion in capital.

We’ve been placing talent in this industry for over 10 years, and we have a track record of success.

Partner Benefits:

  • Access to over 2,700 SEO alumni in finance and/or banking 
  • Career opportunities shared with SEO’s network of experienced professionals via a weekly newsletter and personalized text alerts 
  • Partner logo placement/promotion on SEO website and SEO Connect, our password-protected platform 
  • Promotion in relevant trade publications 
  • Educational content for job seekers that serve as promotional pieces for partners 

How it works: 

  • Partners post open roles via a simple form 
  • Branded roles are live for 60 days 
  • SEO Alumni receive email and text alerts about new postings
  • SEO team shares resumes of interested and qualified alumni with partners