SEO Protégé

Unlock and unleash potential with SEO Protégé 

The right guidance, at the right time, could have a huge impact on someone’s life and career.

SEO Protégé, an initiative of the SEO Leadership Institute, draws on SEO’s track record of success in preparing and placing talent into college and career… but takes it one step further. Protégé facilitates relationships and connections between SEO alumni starting their careers and a senior-level advisor, or “Patron”.

For 60 years, SEO’s mission has been to create a more equitable society by closing the educational and career opportunity gap for ambitious young people, including those from Black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Native American communities. That experience has taught us that the young people who go through our programs don’t always have the same access and support networks as their peers. Protégé helps level the playing field by giving young people access to senior-level executives – from all backgrounds – who can help with early career advice, make introductions, and answer questions that help our young alumni reach the next level in their personal and professional lives.

Matched pairs commit to an orientation, a kick-off meeting, and a meeting with each other at least once per quarter over a year. We invite you to learn more.

The right relationship can change everything. 

Your years of experience have provided the valuable career insights and critical networks young professionals need to start their careers strong. Your support can help young SEO alumni realize their personal and professional potential for success.


Are you ready to become a Patron? 

We’re looking for: 

  • Senior or executive-level professionals (10+ years experience) 
  • Able to meet with a young professional once per quarter, including one in-person meeting 
  • Willing to invest in a young professional’s success 

What Patrons receive:

  • A substantive and rewarding experience that has the potential to change a life (including your own) 
  • A fulfilling and meaningful way to contribute to a more equitable society 
  • A curriculum, support from SEO, and a network of peers facilitated through SEO’s Leadership Institute 

An Investment with a Great Return 

Young professionals need access to senior leaders, like you, who can mentor and guide them, support their individual growth, and curate networks to help them further develop and propel them in their careers.  


You can make that difference. Can we count on you?

Are you ready to become a Protégé?

We’re looking for:

  • SEO alumni 
  • Individuals with less than four years of working experience 
  • Professionals looking to expand their networks and receive coveted guidance from outstanding senior professionals

Matches are based on:

  • Career and Shared Interests 
  • Company / Roles / Industry 
  • Professional / Personal Experiences
  • Life Goals 


Looking for someone to help you navigate your goals? Gain access to the personal investment of a senior-level executive now.

“What I’ve enjoyed most about my match is building a genuine connection with my Patron and slowly finding out the numerous similarities we share. I am currently working on switching my career paths from a finance role to a more tech/strategy-oriented one. My Patron has been very supportive and helpful during the process. I would like to thank Shegun for his time, honesty, and guidance. He has given me the courage to ask tough questions and constantly strive for the best.”

– Gozor O., SEO Protégé