SEO Tech Developer

The SEO Tech Developer gives you the training, curriculum, and mentoring necessary to compete for entry-level tech roles at tech companies and startups offering top-tier compensation and opportunities for growth. 

Our Tech Developer is an intensive, free immersion program, designed to propel Black, Latinx, and Native American Computer Science and Engineering college sophomores to the next level of technical and problem-solving skills, all while preparing you to land an internship in technology before graduating from college. 

Why do you need the SEO Tech Developer? 

  • Only 5% of employees at these leading tech firms identify as Black, Latinx, or Native American.
  • The entry-level salary at a leading technology company like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn is more than $180,000, but the national average entry-level salary in a technology role is only $88,000

Our SEO Tech Developer program can help you land a role at one of these top companies. 

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Who Should Apply

  • Students who identify as Black, Latinx, and/or Native American. 
  • Students enrolled as a sophomore at an accredited, four-year US college or university OR students who will be transferring to an accredited, four-year university upon completion of their two-year degree. 
  • Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Data Science, MIS, and other quantitative concentrations preferred. All majors considered. 
  • Experience with one or more programming languages is required (Python, Java, C++, etc.).  

Hear What Our Students Have to Say

“Participating in the SEO Tech Developer this summer was one of the best programming learning experiences I've ever had! Before this program, I felt very inexperienced and as though I was so far from being able to program anything useful or interesting. SEO Tech Developer really increased my confidence!”

– Udochukwu N.,
Johns Hopkins University

How It Works 

  • Apply: Candidates complete their online application and a video profile introduction 
  • Skills Profile: Qualified candidates asked to complete a skills profile designed to exhibit your current programming skills 
  • Pre-Residency: Part-time individual pre-work  
  • Residency: Virtual six-week training, including a weekly stipend 
  • Interview Prep: Part-time training to secure an internship opportunity for the following summer 
  • Looking Forward: Program alumni will be supported in applying for internships at partner firms and other leading tech companies with full-time offer potential 

Tech Developer Timeline

Please note that dates are tentative. 

  • May 31st: Pre-work begins 
  • June 24th: Pre-work concludes 
  • June 27: Full-time Summer Residency begins 
  • August 5th OR August 12th: Residency Concludes 
  • September 12th: Fall Interview Prep begins

*Resources offered until you land an internship for Summer 2023 

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Sponsorship Benefits 

  • Access to recruit motivated, interview-ready candidates for summer internships who have completed our rigorous technical curriculum  
  • Opportunity to host partner showcases to share information about your internship programs and application processes  
  • First choice to offer full-time placement upon graduation