SEO Scholars Outscore National Test-Takers on the SAT

Nationwide, underserved students typically score 150-300 points less on the SAT than other students do. In fact, research from The Education Trust finds that students of color and from disadvantaged backgrounds, on average, don’t do as well on the SAT as their peers from wealthier families–even when those students start out as high-achievers.

2014 study of SEO Scholars, however, shows that for the past five yearsour Black and Hispanic Scholars outscored all national test-takers on the SATThis holds true even when comparing SAT scores by grade point average.

Read the 2014 Policy Studies Associates SAT Study of SEO Scholars here.

In 2012, another Policy Studies Associates study also found that SEO Scholars exceeded or matched the SAT scores of all college-bound seniors nationally at every GPA level.

SEO Scholars represented on the left; All college-bound seniors on the right



Charts based on 2009 – 2012 SAT Results as per College Board’s Total Group Profile Reports 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, and measured by Grade Point Average on a 2400 point scale.