Meet Izaiah

by SEO Scholars

I’m Izaiah. 

I am an SEO Scholar. I got involved with SEO when SEO came to my high school. I was very nervous during my interview with SEO, but I still was accepted into the SEO Scholars program.  

During orientation, I felt excited because the other Scholars I met in the program were just like me; they were determined to have bright futures too. I felt a lot of love from the SEO staff. My program manager, Brianna H., is my favorite because she’s like a mother to me. I know she cares about me. I just completed my first SEO Summer Academy. I sacrificed my summer because I know learning for a month during the summer will put me ahead of the game for 10th grade. 

I’m excited about this year! I am going into 10th grade more confident because I know SEO has my back… and my front, and my side.

SEO made me realize how much more I want to learn. Every week, I learn something new. SEO will help me in the long run, because SEO is giving me the tools I need to be successful in the program, at my high school, in college, and beyond.


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