Celebrating Black History Month

As we begin the month of February, SEO is proud to recognize Black History Month, during which we pay tribute to the accomplishments and central role of Black Americans in United States history.

When February was first designated as Black History Month in the 1970s, it was because the contributions of Black Americans were too often ignored, downplayed, or forgotten.  The goal was to highlight what is evident to many and should be evident to all: Black history is American history.  The story of America cannot be told without recognizing the monumental and innumerable contributions made by Black Americans.  In fact, this history should be shared, especially in classrooms, year-round.

The theme for Black History Month in 2021 is “The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.”  The year’s theme aligns with what SEO has been doing for almost 60 years: recognizing the value of diversity and seeing it as strength.  Too often there is not an appreciation for the incredible diversity of families, cultures, ideas, and stories within the Black diaspora.

Notwithstanding this diversity, some experiences are tragically shared by most Black Americans.  The events of 2020 demonstrate how systemic racism continues devastating and disadvantaging Black Americans of every background and status – and in virtually every realm of society.   And yet, Black Americans continue showing the strength, courage, and resilience that has characterized this community for four centuries.  At SEO, we continue standing as allies with the Black community, fervently pursuing our shared vision of a more equitable, just, and inclusive society.

We invite you to take time over the next few weeks and beyond to celebrate and learn about Black history.