Student FAQ

Join Us on November 14, 2020

We invite you to explore the world of opportunities through personalized connections.

The 2020 SEO Law Career Day will take place via Hopin, an online, virtual event platform, from 10:00am-8:30pm ET. Our Virtual Career Day will include an assortment of panels, workshops, and other opportunities to help you prepare for your internship search.

One event. Infinite opportunities.

  • Who is eligible to attend the SEO Law Career Day?

    SEO Law’s 2020 Career Day is open to second-year law student alumni of the SEO Law Fellowship Program, current first-year SEO Law Fellows, as well as other first-year & second-year law students who have received an invitation from their law schools.

  • What platform are you using to host the Career Day?

    We are using which supports a main stage, expo booths, 1:1 networking sessions, and panel sessions. As an attendee, you’ll be able to attend our Panel Discussions, speak with law firm representatives, attend interactive events with speakers, and network with other attendees. If you have any questions, take a look at this quick video to learn how to navigate the platform.

  • Do I need to RSVP to attend the Career Day?

    Yes. If you are an underrepresented 1L or 2L student interested in attending Career Day, please email us at

  • Do I have to create a complete profile on Hopin?

    We encourage you to create as complete a profile as you feel comfortable on Hopin. Add a photo and information so that you can share a bit about yourself with our participating law firms and other attendees.

  • How do I use Hopin?

    Below, we’ve broken down the different parts of Hopin to help you maximize your Career Day experience!

    • Reception: When you first login to the platform, you will be welcomed in our virtual lobby. Here, you’ll get an overview of the entire event, including speaker bios, event schedule, and exhibitors.
    • Stage: The Stage is where the conference-wide talks will take place, most notably the Opening & Closing Remarks. Be sure to navigate to the Stage tab on the left-hand side to see our speakers take the virtual stage!
    • Sessions: In the Sessions area, you will find most panels, workshops, and group hangouts. Check the schedule of all sessions in the Reception area. Sessions can support up to 20 people on-camera; depending on the discussion type, speakers may invite you onto the screen to join them in the live discussion! At the end of the Career Day, we also invite you to create your own Sessions with attendees to continue the learning & networking experience.
    • Networking: Come check-out this area in the morning before the program begins to meet other attendees; in the afternoon, swing by to speak with former Summer Associates to learn more about their summer experiences. People in the Networking area will be matched at random and given up to 10-minutes to speak with each connection. After being randomly matched, you will also have the opportunity to exchange contact information. To exchange info during your networking session, hit the “Connect” button at the bottom of your screen. After the event is over, all of your newly-exchanged contacts will appear at the Connections page of your individual profile!
    • Expo: This area is where the Career Fair will be located. Come visit this area to learn more about our participating firms! You will have the opportunity to speak with firm representatives live via video and/or chat.
    • Chat & Direct Message: In the Stage, Sessions, and Expo areas, you will have the opportunity to chat directly with the speakers and other attendees in specific rooms. A conference-wide chat is visible to all participants throughout the conference. You will occasionally see important messages from organizers popping up on the chat. You can also Direct Message specific attendees!
    • Polls & People: The Polls tab is where we will be asking you for your feedback during the event using live polls. The People tab lists all participants that have joined the event. You can send a direct message to any participant by clicking on their name.

    For more information, check out this video to take a look at what you can expect during the Career Day. You can also check out the articles here to learn more about using Hopin as an attendee.

  • What browser should I use to join the Career Day?

    Hopin recommends using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience with their platform.

  • Will there be prizes?

    Yes! We’ll be offering prizes at the end of the Career Day to our most active participants.

  • I still have questions!

    Reach out to us at for any other questions!