SEO Career partners offer internships in some of the most coveted areas of the technology sector. Read on for more details.
  • Cybersecurity Engineering

    Cybersecurity Engineering professionals implement high-quality, scalable and smart solutions while leveraging both internal and open source services. They design and develop applications capable of building, maintaining, and processing large & complex data sets. They seek to boost performance and exceed industry standards in order to meet clients’ evolving needs.

  • Data Science

    Data Scientist professionals extract meaning from and interpret data, which requires both tools and methods from statistics and machine learning. They work to process, collect, clean, and mine data. They use their analytical skills to find patterns, build models, and algorithms. They also design experiments that are critical to data-driven decision making.

  • Global Technology

    The technology division creates and applies innovative solutions that drive productivity and enable a firm to meet its strategic goals. They develop web-based delivery systems, analytics, processing architecture, and customer management platforms.

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure Engineering professionals work in a multi-faceted role that allows them to explore data center design, networks, storage, cloud computing, big data, application messaging, databases, communications, market data and software languages. They design and build the firm’s computer and data infrastructure from identifying internal hardware needs, to implementing public and private cloud-based solutions to providing seamless, on-demand scaling of applications.

  • Performance Testing

    Performance Engineers work in small, highly collaborative teams and apply experience and creativity to resolve a wide range of issues. They assist in independently testing the performance and capacity of products in development.

  • Software Development

    Software developers are the creative, brainstorming geniuses behind computer programs. While some software developers may focus on a specific program or app, others create giant networks or underlying systems that help trigger and run other programs. Software developers analyze the needs of the user and then create, test and develop software that will solve a problem, bring joy or make life easier for that target market.

  • Software Engineering

    Software Engineers work across all areas of the firm to design and implement high-quality, scalable and smart solutions. Leveraging both internal and open source services, they design and develop applications capable of building, maintaining, and processing large & complex data sets. They look for ways to improve operations and enhance client offerings through internal and external platforms as they build and expand the capacity for data mining, anomaly detection, and business intelligence.

  • Technology Operations

    Technical Operations Engineers are responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing organizational technical processes from start to finish. They maintain the technical goals of the company and address any future potential needs. They coordinate and participate in projects to design, develop, program, test, install and maintain specialized technical operations.