Financial Services

SEO Career partners offer internships in almost all aspects of Financial Services. Read on for more detail about each role and industry.
  • Asset Management

    Asset management professionals employ financial products and strategies to operate, maintain, upgrade, and dispose of assets to meet client ROI objectives for individual or institutional clients.



  • Alternative Investments

    Alternative Investments professionals are responsible for supporting the firm’s new investment and portfolio company activities by evaluating and underwriting new investment opportunities, financial analysis, due diligence, portfolio management activities, and market research. They work with transaction deal teams to underwrite new investment opportunities through the creation of financial models and analyses.

  • Commercial Banking

    Commercial Banking professionals work with business and commercial clients who have annual sales ranging from $10 million to $3 billion. They find ways for clients to maximize growth while taking full advantage of the firm’s banking products.

  • Corporate Banking

    Corporate Banking professionals work closely with clients to provide financing options to help them run their day-to-day operations. They help grow client relationships over the long-term while providing a range of tailored banking services, in particular loans, to companies. They also work to structure and arrange the terms of loans for clients.

  • Investment Banking

    Investment Banking professionals offer strategic financial advisory services by creating customized solutions and capital raising plans for the firm’s clients by using various tools of financial analysis.

  • Investment Management

    Investment Management professionals provide institutional and individual investors with investment and advisory solutions, with strategies spanning asset classes, industries and geographies. They help clients navigate today’s dynamic markets and identify the opportunities that shape their portfolios and long-term investment goals.

  • Investment Research

    Research analysts develop expertise through research and analysis and communicate investment ideas that move the markets. They develop a highly-valued expertise in a particular sector by knowing how to value a company, understand financial modeling and comparisons.

  • Public Finance

    Public Finance professionals help public sector clients, including state and local governments and non-profit organizations, to issue debt that funds infrastructure and other government related projects. They support major deals and transactions, by completing financial analysis and models, conducting research, and helping with pitches.

  • Risk

    Risk professionals effectively identify, monitor, evaluate, and manage these various risks in support of the firm’s strategic plan, and in a manner consistent with the objectives set up by the firm. The Risk division is an analytically driven division which strives to create functional experts and values intellectual curiosity and problem-solving skills.

  • Sales & Trading

    Sales and trading professionals work closely with clients to optimize their financial investments through strategic execution of trades. Career paths focus on fixed income, commodities, currencies, or equities.

  • Venture Capital

    Venture Capital professionals provide financing to startup companies and small businesses with long-term growth potential. They source new investments and participate in the end-to-end deal process from financing to exit.