McKinsey Academy for SEO

SEO is excited to continue its partnership with McKinsey Academy to offer SEO alumni a unique opportunity to enroll in a transformative virtual learning experience typically available only to McKinsey clients: the McKinsey Management Program (MMP).

We are evolving this exclusive program by tailoring the experience to make it more:

  • Flexible: fully self-paced, so that participants can complete lessons any time, from anywhere
  • Social: designed to learn from and with other SEO alumni, strengthening our community
  • Targeted: focused on leadership capabilities in highest demand among our alumni

In response to feedback, we have worked with McKinsey Academy to offer this course experience at lower fees for the SEO alumni community. Click here to learn more.

Together, we are excited to open up this opportunity to enroll even more SEO alumni.  With these courses, SEO alumni build core leadership and management skills and mindsets that will prepare them to accelerate their career trajectory. McKinsey Academy’s distinctive social learning platform enables a uniquely tailored experience for SEO alumni to connect across our alumni community through discussion posts and learn from, and with, one another.

Are you ready to unlock your leadership potential? Click here to register.


Take advantage of exclusive access to select McKinsey Academy courses for SEO alumni. Learn more about each one.

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